Survey and Maintenance Projects

Fisher German, UK

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Fisher German was appointed by Total UK to manage their 230km petroleum pipeline, running from Immingham in Lincolnshire to the Buncefield Fuel Depot in Hemel Hempstead, and from Colbrook to Heathrow Airport.  Fisher German then called in CPCL to conduct feasibility surveys and installation of the cathodic protection associated with the pipeline network.

Costain, UK

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Costain was contracted by the UK Government’s Oil and Pipeline Agency to operate and maintain the Government Pipeline and Storage System, which carries 40% of Britain’s aviation fuel around the country.

Costain then brought in CPCL to conduct a wide range of cathodic protection surveys and installations over 5 years, replace over 80 transformer rectifiers including AC boxes, over 30 groundbeds and 52 test point monitoring stations.