Our History ...

Cathodic Protection Co Ltd (CPCL) is a global organisation founded in 1950.  It was one of the first companies in the United Kingdom set up specifically to provide equipment and engineering services for cathodic protection of high pressure gas & oil pipelines, marine structures and storage facilities.  Today the company operates in six continents, and combines consultancy, design and manufacture of bespoke materials and systems with an after sales service that is second to none.  CPCL also leads the market in the field of Marine Electrolytic Anti-Fouling systems, with our Cuprion range being used in over 30 countries worldwide.

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  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
  • Test Survey & Inspection Equipment
  • Galvanic Cathodic Protection
  • Pipeline Earthing & Isolation Accessories
  • Cuprion Anti Fouling

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Cathodic Protection Co Ltd has been providing successful cathodic protection solutions to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Power Industries for over 66 years.