Technical Documents

Over the coming months, Cathodic Protection Co Ltd will be developing an extensive Knowledgebase - a database of invaluable information for the cathodic protection, oil, gas, water and construction industries.  These will include relevant technical documents covering a variety of corrosion and cathodic protection issues, as well as resources, benchmarking, legalities and invaluable information.


Keep an eye on the Knowledgebase section of our website, as we will be adding to it regularly.

Title 1: Pipeline Corrosion Risks Associated with AC Voltages

This document discusses corrosion that is believed to be caused by AC current flowing from (i.e. out of) a buried or submerged pipeline to remote earth via a small coating defect in low resistivity soil.  Click on the link below to download the whole document.

pdf1  Pipeline Corrosion Risks

Title 2: Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures - An Overview

An overview of how An overview of why and how cathodic protection is applied to reinforced concrete structures to either prevent or halt the problem of corrosion of the reinforcement.

pdf1  Steel in Concrete

Title 3: Cathodic Protection - An Overview

What is corrosion and cathodic protection?  How does cathodic protection work? Download the document by clicking on the link below.

pdf1  Cathodic Protection - An Overview