Anti Fouling Projects

Vasiliko Terminal

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Cathodic Protection Co Ltd. was contracted by J&P Energy in Greece to supply its deck mounted Cuprion® marine anti-fouling system for 3 fire water pumps on the Vasiliko terminal jetty in Cyprus.  The three pumps are protected using a single dosing source in the pump room.  The project has involved the construction of the Cuprion® high pressure skid package to ASME VIII code, and inspected and registered with Lloyd’s to ensure its quality, safety and integrity

The new €300m VTTV terminal project in Cyprus is the first of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Its strategic location will connect Europe and the Black Sea with markets in the Middle East and Asia.  Phase 1 of the project (comprising 28 tanks with a capacity of 544,000m³) gives access to a deep water marine jetty as well as to road tanker loading facilities.  Phase 2 is currently under evaluation and would create an additional 13 tanks and an extra capacity of 305,000m³.

CPCL’s involvement in the Vasiliko project has been ongoing, having previously designed and supplied Galvanic CP on the jetty and the materials for the CP system for multi-product pipelines in a project now worth over £200,000 to the company.


Umm Lulu Full Field Development Project Package 2


ADMA-OPCO contracted Cathodic Protection Co Ltd to supply its Cuprion® marine anti-fouling system for 6 seawater lift pumps on the Umm Lulu Super Complex, in the United Arab Emirates.  The project, worth over £300,000, involved Cuprion® anti-fouling electrodes, supplied with Super Duplex Stainless Steel intake strainers, fitted inside the pump caisson, designed to be removable whilst the pump is in-situ.

The Umm Lulu field is located in the ADMA Block north west of Abhu Dhabi. Facilities at the field consist of a series of offshore platforms tied back to shore-based production facilities on Zirku Island. Production began in October 2014.