Rain Doesn’t Halt the CPCL Summer Barbecue

Summer is barbecue season - it’s just pretty rare that we get to enjoy outdoor culinary delights in England!  But the smattering of rain that threatened the annual CPCL barbecue last Thursday didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of staff as they tucked into some delicious fare.

Manning the enormous barbecue, appropriately made out of two old oil drums, were Managing Director Rob Holden and Technical Manager Marcus Hardy.  A fine selection of chicken and beef was cooked to perfection – no burnt offerings – along with a selection of tasty salads, which was thoroughly enjoyed by staff.

After a busy first few months of 2017, it’s good to be able to relax with work colleagues, eat some great food and get to talk about life with no mention of cathodic protection.  A very big thank you to Rob and Marcus for all their efforts to make it happen!

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