The history of the Platt family business, based in Connecticut, USA, goes back over 200 years. From these beginnings, the company has developed into an internationally recognized producer of zinc and zinc based alloys. Our centuries of manufacturing experience have allowed Platt to develop products to serve such diversified markets as lighting accessories, communications, aerospace, sensing devices, control valves, primary and after-market automotive components, construction, military and electronics. The Platt family tradition of always being ready to meet the changing and challenging needs of our customers continues into the new century.

Sacrificial Anode

Cathodic Protection (CP) is the application of direct current to reverse the natural tendency for metals to return to their natural condition as metal oxides (rust). CP prevents the corrosion process from occurring.

PlattlineTM Zinc Ribbon Anodes provide a simple and cost effective method of corrosion control.

Plattline can be used to protect pipeline, above ground storage tanks or other steel structures subject to corrosion.

Zinc ribbon anodes provide a very simple, cost effective, maintenance-free method of corrosion control for buried or immersed metals such as iron, steel, Aluminum, copper, etc. It is especially useful for unattended applications; those where other cathodic protection systems requiring monitoring and/or frequent maintenance cannot be possible.

AC Mitigation

The long-term trend in the United States and many other countries is shared land use for pipelines and other utilities. This movement has increased the number of overhead high voltage transmission lines parallel to and sharing a corridor with an underground pipeline. This combination has increased the need for grounding of the pipeline to dissipate interference.

In these systems, A.C. voltages are transmitted to the pipeline by conductive or inductive interference. Magnetic induction acts along the pipeline or pipeline segment that is approximately parallel to the power line and can cause significant pipeline potentials even at relatively large separation distances.

Zinc Strip & Reroll

Over 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space devoted to the manufacture of zinc-based alloys in malleable forms of rod, wire, strip and shapes.

While most expertise is in Zinc-based alloys, other unusual non-ferrous alloys can be melted and cast. These castings can be then experimentally rolled, drawn, shaped, slit and otherwise machined into the shape required. For instance, we process alloys that melt at specific low temperature ranges, creating the necessary fusible link desired.

Slitting capacity in coils to 12" wide and down to .062" wide. Coil OD's to 30". Arbor sizes 2", 4" 5" and 10" diameters. Cut-to-length pieces up to 146" long. We make our own shipping containers to assure that your metal is packaged safely and will be processed in your machines. Special packaging such as spools for "tender" metals, export boxing, and container "stuffing" is done on our premises. Kanban and Just-In Time programs are used whenever small annual volumes, in smaller monthly usages are required. These "pulls" are stored in our warehouse ready for shipment in days from receipt of your release.

Thermal Spray – Metalizing

The Platt Brothers & Company manufactures zinc and zinc/aluminum alloy wires used for Zinc Thermal Spray, often called Metalized Coatings. Zinc and zinc alloy wire sprayed coatings are integral steps in the manufacture of various electronic, capacitor, automotive, heat exchanger and tube & pipe products. Thermally Sprayed Zinc based alloy wire coatings are also used in the corrosion protection of bridges, locks & dams, above ground storage tanks, light poles, and other critical infrastructure.