Transformer Rectifiers Persian Gulf Bound

Transformer Rectifiers come in all sizes and colours, and the five bright red TRs on CPCL’s factory floor certainly brightened up the place.

The TRs are part of an anti-fouling system for a ship loading facility off Kuwait in the Persian Gulf, at the Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery. The facility involves a Solid Sulphur Pier which consists of marine structures supporting the safe and reliable mooring and loading of ocean going bulk carriers.

Interestingly, when such systems are destined for a tropical marine environment, CPCL has to take into consideration numerous environmental, geotechnical and standard code
factors. Therefore wind speeds, tidal currents and seismic conditions all have to be factored into any anti-fouling system design.

The bright red colour was due to the TRs being part of 3 firewater pump systems and 2 jockey pump systems (which ensure an immediate strong flow of water as soon as the systems are turned on). The five TRs control the systems, and have now all been calibrated and crated ready for shipping.