The Effects of Sea Air Corrosion on Haslar Bridge

Cathodic Protection Co Ltd has been working closely to Highways Agency specifications in the essential works to save Haslar Bridge in Gosport from further massive corrosion.

The Bridge was built in the 1970s, following pressure from the local community to reinstate the link after it was dismantled during the Second World War. Over the years the reinforced concrete bridge has suffered from massive corrosion as the result of the salty sea air, and the decision was made earlier this year to carry out the works required to repair and protect the bridge for the future.

The repair schedule has included the protecting of the columns, crossbeams and all other parts of the bridge which are prone to corrosion, as well as putting a protective coating on section of the bridge deck. CPCL was therefore asked to build two Thyristor Transformer Rectifiers with Remote Monitoring and Control to very strict Highways Agency guidelines. The TRs are part of the CP system protecting the rebar in the bridge’s platform and columns. Given the disruption caused by the closure of the bridge it was essential that the TRs were supplied within the timescale. Indeed, CPCL is delighted to report that delivery of the TRs was early.

Work continues on this important artery route in the Gosport area. But CPCL is pleased to have been part of this essential project to save and protect the bridge for the future.

The photo below, courtesy of The News, Portsmouth, shows work at an advanced stage on the bridge's renovation.