Site Safety during the Pandemic


With the support of our customer, the Field Engineering department have been able to overcome hurdles to ensure the continuation of the monitoring and maintenance of the CP systems for our client.

Having entered a new national ‘Lockdown’ in the new year it was looking increasingly unlikely that we would be unable to complete the programmed work due to travel bans and restrictions in both the UK and Ireland.

After many meetings with the customer, we were able to gain permission to allow our team to travel with extensive support from our client. This helped avoid a 2-week self-isolation period on arrival.

All personnel were required to have a negative COVID-19 test result less than 48 hours before travelling. To ensure we do not contract COVID-19 virus during travel we would also require to be tested again once in country after 3-4 working days.

Once each member of the team returned a negative test result we were able to form a work bubble at the company property and utilise this as the base for all works. All technicians then followed all social distancing measures were implemented when working to ensure any risks were minimised, which included additional PPE.

Since arriving in-country on the survey team have completed 100km+ of both CIPS/ DCVG surveying and the Senior Technician has completed various critical system investigations, testing and remedial works to ensure the customers systems are optimised and functioning correctly. To minimise risk of contracting the virus, our four technicians extended their stay in-country for between 6-8 weeks.

The Field Engineering Team have received positive feedback from their customer for their positive attitude and for their commitment to continuing with their programme of work despite the inherent issues that a National Lockdown has caused.

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