Out on the Town

As a change from the usual survey destinations of rural England, or far off Madagascar and the Falklands, CPCL field engineers found themselves out on the town in London.

Carrying out a CIPS (Close Interval Potential Survey), the team of Jon Moss, Piotr Szostak, Wayne Dolby, Ash Marshall and Jimmy de Ocampo spent two weeks in the “big smoke”.  The 54km survey, commissioned by Scotia Gas Networks, was based in the south east of the city and took in some of the area’s most famous sites.

The Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich and the Old Kent Road, famous as a Monopoly destination, were just two of the London landmarks covered by the survey.  And to mark the occasion, the team took this great photo of one of the smaller Cathodic Protection Co Ltd vans under the iconic London Eye.

CIPS is a survey technique used to provide a detailed profile of the potential difference between the pipeline and the soil.  This profile can then be reviewed to help determine the performance of a cathodic protection system, the coating system and interaction effects, amongst other performances.