CPCL’s Presence Grows in Indonesia

Indonesia continues to be a thriving market for Cathodic Protection Co Ltd, with CP Engineer Motaz Abbas spending time in the country commissioning Cuprion anti-fouling equipment.

The work is being carried out at the two new 30 MW coal fired power stations at Amurang Village in the North Sulawesi Province. The contract, with client Deico Engineering Co Ltd, is for the supply and commissioning of three new anti-fouling systems for water intake channels.  These are connected to the pump supplying cooling water for the power station condensers, each system protecting a flow rate of 7,200 m³/hr.  The first two units of the plant were built in 2012 and used circulating fluidized bed combustion.

The contract came on the back of the supply of anti-fouling systems for the neighbouring PLTU 2 Sulawesi Utara 2 x 25 MW Steam Power Plant in 2010.