CPCL Looks to Capitalise on The Growth of Offshore Windfarms

As the world attempts to become greener and more fuel efficient, offshore windfarms seem to be rising from the waters around the coastlines of Europe.

Wind power has become big business, with over a million jobs created by the end of 2015 in the industry, and 314,000 wind turbines in operation.  Although China leads the world in this renewable energy source with nearly 50% of the world’s wind turbines, there are over 3,500 offshore wind turbines around Europe’s coastline.  This represents a huge opportunity for specialist engineering companies such as Cathodic Protection Co Ltd.

Understanding these opportunities, CPCL is investing in training.  CP Engineer Alessandro Bonetti has already completed offshore training for windfarms, and this week he and Sales Manager Ed Sparks are attending the 3rd International Conference on Corrosion Protection for Offshore Wind in Bremen, Germany.

Ed Sparks is excited by future prospects for the industry.  “There has been a massive growth in renewable energy over recent years, and there is a huge opportunity for the company to capitalise on the investment in offshore windfarms.”

And with over $109 billion having been invested in the industry globally, we can expect the growth to continue.