CPCL Introduces Depth of Cover Surveys

Adding to the long list of survey and monitoring services offered by Cathodic Protection Co Ltd, the Field Services team is now offering our clients Depth of Cover Surveys (DOC)

Although currently there is no specific legislation covering DOC, the UK Onshore Pipeline Operators’ Association (UKOPA) strongly recommends that its members utilise DOC as an approved method to mitigate against risks such as third party (e.g. farmer) strikes.

The Field Services team has recently purchased an RD8100 + TX10 transmitter that allows the depth of pipelines to be monitored.  As well as serving as a pipeline locator the unit also records the precise GPS location.  The expansive pairing options allow for a seamless download of recorded date to various mapping applications and other software.

Chris Martin, Field Services Manager, is keen to start offering DOC as an independent survey and also as part of the CIPS and DCVG surveys service offered by CPCL.  “The opportunity this new equipment offers our customers is vast.  Identifying areas of reduced cover and assisting clients in assessing any risks of mitigation is of real benefit.  We can plan to carry out CIPS, DCVG and DOC surveys at the same time, thus keeping costs realistically low.”