CPCL Back to Tangiers

In 2015 CPCL successfully completed a large project at Tangiers Med Port II, which included the installation of 28 large-multi channel Transformer Rectifiers. These TRs are protecting the steel in the concrete caissons, which create the outer walls of the port. Today, these TRs have accumulated over 40 million channel operating hours with no reported faults.

It is not surprising therefore that when the client experienced problems with another manufacturer’s TR units from an earlier phase they turned to CPCL for help.

Sales Manager Ed Sparks explains “These TRs were from an earlier stage of the port project and were supplied by the manufacturer with a third party RMCS facility. The RMCS system failed long ago but most of the TRs are still working and providing some protection to the structure. However, without the RMCS system the client cannot perform depolarisation tests to check the level of protection or log and analyse any data.”

The solution was to ask CPCL to upgrade the older TR units by replacing the faulty and obsolete RMCS system with CPCL’s proven TRUSTTM RMCS hardware and software. 37 TR channels will be upgraded.

Ed explains further “Replacing the TRs was not really an option for the client. Our RMCS system is flexible and our in-house software development capability means that we can configure our RMCS system to work with almost any manufacturer’s power supplies. The TR units will be upgraded in situ and we expect few problems having already done a similar project involving this manufacturer’s equipment”.

The added benefit is that the client will now have a common RMCS system across the port.