CPCL Announces Partnership with Automa

Cathodic Protection Co Limited is always striving to improve its range of products and services to meet the increasing demands of its clients.

Over the years several important relationships have been formed with key suppliers in the cathodic protection industry. These companies are typically ‘best in class’ and include leading brands such as De Nora, American Innovations, Rustrol, Dehn and Platt Brothers.  To this end Cathodic Protection Co Ltd is very pleased to announce its partnership with Automa SRL from Ancona in Italy, which has been providing remote monitoring and control solutions for 30 years, with over 16,000 units in service worldwide.

Automa offer a range of remote monitoring devices under their Goliah brand. These devices can be installed in test posts and in transformer rectifiers, where the option of remote control of the rectifier is also possible.  The Goliah is part of an integrated solution from Automa which includes custom software allowing easy analysis and reporting of cathodic protection data.  The software and data can be hosted remotely by Automa, or locally on a client server as the client prefers.

CPCL Managing Director, Rob Holden, is delighted with the new agreement with Automa.  “What sets Automa apart is the increased functionality compared to existing products on the market.  The Goliah unit logs 86,000 data samples every day but only sends back a simple summary of the maximum, minimum, and average readings.  This is all the CP engineer needs to know if everything is OK.  However, if the summary suggests a problem, the CP engineer can remotely download all the data and see exactly what is happening.  This allows a whole range of issues, such as AC interference, DC traction problems, telluric currents and so on, to be identified, and exactly when any issues occurred.

“Installing a corrosion coupon with a Goliah unit also allows real time instant off measurements to be recorded, all day and every day.  Again, this is a massive benefit for the CP engineer who no longer needs to use on potentials to gauge if his pipeline is protected.  Experience in Europe has shown that using this approach allows Transformer Rectifier outputs to be reduced, saving energy and extending the lives of anodes and groundbeds.”
Marketing materials are already being produced to promote the new and exciting range of products.  CPCL will provide marketing and technical support for UK clients from its Grantham facility.

For more information on the Automa range of Remote Monitoring and Control solutions please contact cpc@cathodic.co.uk or telephone +44 (0)1476 590666.