Continued Performance Improvement for CPCL

Following it’s latest Achilles FPAL Verify audit in November, Cathodic Protection Co Ltd has demonstrated that it continues to go from strength to strength by increasing its overall score by nearly 5%.

Achilles FPAL is a portal web service used by 79 major buyers and 3,100 suppliers in the European oil and gas industries.  Suppliers are audited regularly to ensure compliance to industry standards, and their details kept on a database open to buyers who can then target specific RFIs to relevant suppliers.  This increases efficiency in the bidding process and ensures that only suitably qualified and experienced companies are approached.

The highest level of audit is a Verify audit, which is considerably more demanding than the registration audit and largely based on quality and HSE benchmarks.  But the rewards are high, and CPCL is one of only a handful of cathodic protection companies that is qualified at this level.

Managing Director Rob Holden is delighted with the news of the company’s performance score.  “CPCL has worked hard over the last couple of years to ensure that we are providing the best possible services and products to our customers worldwide.  The improvement in the company rating is testimony to the efforts of every department within the company.  We know that our continued improvement is important to our clients, and are confident that it will increase our business over the coming years.”