Breaking the 20 Million Barrier in Morocco

In just over 2 years, Cathodic Protection Co Ltd’s Transformer Rectifiers installed at the Tangier Med Port II project have broken the 20 million channel operating hours barrier.

CPCL has worked closely with the main contractor since 2007 on what is one of the largest impressed current cathodic protection systems in the world. The 28 TRs have 948 channels which generate over 159,000 channel operating hours each week.  The commissioning team sent to Tangiers energised the last TR in December 2014, protecting the steel in the concrete caissons which create the outer walls of the port.  CPCL is delighted to report no reliability issues with the TRs, which continue to ensure that the reinforced concrete structures remain free from corrosion.

Rob Holden, Managing Director, is delighted with the TRs’ and Remote Monitoring & Control System’s performance.  “Exposing any equipment to such a high number of operating hours quickly reveals any shortcomings in design or manufacturing. The fact that we have had no failures since commissioning is a testament to the integrity of our design, and the care taken by our team who built these units.”

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