Statement from Directors: Coronavirus – 1st April 2020

Statement from Directors:

Cathodic Protection Co. Ltd has been trading for 70 years. Whilst many things have changed over that time, the support that we rely on from our employees, stakeholders, suppliers and clients has not changed. Today, as we face the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, this support is more vital than ever.

It is because of this support that our business is maintaining a level of operations  during the current crisis. We would like to thank our staff and our suppliers who are working tirelessly to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled in a timely manner.

We understand that the activities we conduct contribute to maintaining our customers critical infrastructure.  We have adopted a flexible and fluid approach to ensure that our customers are supported where this is possible and where our staff can work in a safe environment per the government guidelines and advice.

Ensuring the health and safety of all our employees is at the forefront of everything we do. As a business it is our most important Core Value. This has influenced our decision-making process as we, like many other businesses, navigate our way through these current challenges.

The following measures are currently in place:

*We have restricted staff travel to the absolute minimum

*We have instigated Remote / Home working wherever possible

Any staff that have continued working at our Grantham facility have the recommended control measures in place.

*Social Distancing measures

*Enhanced Hygiene facilities

Activities where these control measures cannot be sufficiently implemented have been impacted. We have restricted our field works capacity at this time based on the critical needs of our customers, many of whom have continued to work with us to complete works and mitigate risks to our personnel.

We are continuing to work with our supply chain to ensure any delays or impacts to existing projects are kept to an absolute minimum. Our flexible workforce consisting of staff working from home and those who are factory based are collaborating to solve problems as they arise day by day.

We have senior staff working in the office on a Rota basis to ensure that problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Senior staff are also finding new ways of working collaboratively as an organization.

Our Mental Health First Aider is working hard to ensure that this important aspect of employee welfare is given adequate attention during this crisis. All staff can speak privately and confidentially about any matters concerning them. We are also on-hand to share ideas with our peers in other businesses on how as an industry we can deal with the current situation.

We will continue to monitor and adjust our plans as this situation progresses.

Stay safe & stay well.
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