DEHN Protects - Two words, a big promise. The motto of our company has been both an obligation and an incentive for the past four generations of our family-owned company. A promise we keep with expertise and dedication – for the benefit of our customers, partners and employees.

DEHN (U.K.) LTD focuses on the reliable protection of buildings, electrical and electronic systems and human life. Our pioneering spirit and innovative ideas have been defining our company for over 100 years and made us a global market leader for:

  • Surge protection
  • Lightning protection/Earthing
  • Safety equipment

Our comprehensive product range of surge protection devices and lightning protection allows optimal, practical and customer-oriented protection solutions. Our ideas, intensive research and development, modern production facilities and comprehensive customer service make us a well-known expert and market leader in our sector.


Protection of Cathodic Protection Rectifiers.

In case of impressed current cathodic protection, the required protective current is produced by a mains-powered rectifier and fed into the protection object, for example the pipeline, via impressed current anodes.

Since the cathodic protection rectifiers are galvanically connected to the pipeline, anodes, system earth and reference electrode, overvoltage can occur which may interfere with or even destroy the devices and presents a high risk of fire. Due to the extended surface of pipelines, there is a high risk of lightning effects and overvoltage damage and interference. The aim is to prevent fire or failure of the cathodic protection rectifier. DEHN offers practice proven surge protection in order to achieve this.

The DEHN range of SPD’s (Surge Protection Devices) and VCSD (Voltage Controlled Switching Device) can cope with the following overvoltage:

  • Transient overvoltage (direct and indirect lightning effects and switching operations)
  • Temporary overvoltage (short-circuits resulting from traction current and high-voltage systems)


Protection of Insulating Joints and Flanges

Insulating joints and flanges are used to electrically (galvanically) isolate cathodic protection pipeline systems against system earth or to divide high voltage interfered pipelines into individual pipeline sections. Cathodic protection systems are electrically isolated until the dielectric strength of the

insulation of the insulating joint / flange is reached. The dielectric strength of insulating joints can be exceeded by overvoltage resulting from a lightning strike to exposed parts of a pipeline system or the effects of short-circuit currents of parallel high-voltage lines. This may lead to sparking, leakage

or destruction of the insulating joint. Isolating spark gaps for use in hazardous areas (ExFS) with adequate and correctly installed connection systems protect this insulating clearance against transient and temporary overvoltage damage. In addition, they discharge the overvoltage energy in a dangerous potentially explosive atmosphere without sparking.

The following protection goals can be achieved with the DEHN Isolating Spark Gap solutions:

  • Protection of the insulation in case of temporary and transient overvoltage
  • Explosion protection by tested and non-sparking connection systems as well as ATEX and IECEx approvals