Refine Reference Cells

Since 1950 Cathodic Protection Co Ltd has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing reference electrodes worldwide in all areas of cathodic protection including:

  • CIPS & DCVG Surveys
  • Ships & FPSO’s
  • Steel in concrete
  • Storage tanks & vessels
  • Harbours, jetties & offshore
  • Industrial plant
  • Pipelines & power stations

The RefineTM range of Reference Electrodes has been developed with one clear purpose, to excel. We provide products that will be familiar in application, yet we have looked to refine and develop ideas, improve material quality and listen to customer requirements.  Our expertise and desire to provide useful, practical solutions to corrosion engineers in all fields has resulted in our innovative range.

Refine JR1

The quality of our products is paramount, so we have a dedicated UK manufacturing facility with stringent Q/A and test procedures applied.  Our commitment to ongoing research and development of products is at the heart of the company’s philosophy.

Click on the links below for the each product in our full range of Refine Reference Cells and Accessories:

pdf1  Refine AG1

pdf1  Refine AG2

pdf1  Refine AG3

pdf1  Refine AG4

pdf1  Refine AG5

pdf1  Refine AG6

pdf1  Refine AG7

pdf1  Refine AG8

pdf1  Refine CU1

pdf1  Refine CU3

pdf1  Refine CU6

pdf1  Refine CU7

pdf1  Refine CU8

pdf1  Refine JR1 & JR2

pdf1  Refine JR3

pdf1  Refine MM4

pdf1  Refine MM5

pdf1  Refine ZN1

pdf1  Refine ZN3

pdf1  Refine ZN5

pdf1  Refine ZN6

pdf1  Refine Spare Parts

pdf1  Reference Electrode Warranty Statement