Pipeline Projects

Shah Deniz II Azerbaijan

Shah Deniz

The Shah Deniz gas field is the largest natural gas field in Azerbaijan, sitting in the South Caspian Sea 70 kilometres southeast of Baku.  Stretching to 860 square kilometres, the field was discovered in 1999 and has estimated reserves of between 1.5 and 3 billion barrels.  Today the major shareholder in the extracting of the natural gas is British Petroleum, with a stake of 29%.

CPCL was commissioned by BP and KBR to design and supply the materials for the Impressed Current Cathodic Protection of an onshore plant, in a continuing contract valued at, to date, £650,000.

EGTL, Nigeria


The Escravos Gas-to-Liquids plant in Escravos, some 100 kilometres south east of Nigeria’s capital Lagos, is primarily owned and operated by Chevron Nigeria Ltd.  I is currently a 34,000 barrel per day plant, which is expected to increase to 120,000 barrels capacity by 2020.  The plant makes use of the rich gas resources of the Escravos field, southwest of Lagos.

CPCL’s remit in this £2 million contract was to survey, design, manufacture and supply the cathodic protection system for the plant as part of a 7 year project from 2006.