Impressed Current Anodes

Cathodic Protection Co Ltd supplies a range of anodes for every requirement as part of our range of products for impressed current cathodic protection.


Click on the links below for details of the range on offer.

pdf1  2.1.1 Silicon Iron Rod Anode

pdf1  2.1.2 Silicon Iron Tubular Anode

pdf1  2.2.1 Mixed Metal Oxide Tubular Anodes

pdf1  2.2.2.Mixed Metal Oxide Ribbon Anodes

pdf1  2.2.3 Mixed Metal Oxide Wire Anodes

pdf1  2.2.5 Mixed Metal Oxide Anode Accessories

pdf1  2.2.6 Mixed Metal Oxide Ribbon Mesh Canister Anodes

pdf1  2.2.7 Mixed Metal Oxide Discrete Mesh Anodes

pdf1  2.3.1 Magnetite Anodes

pdf1  2.3.2 Graphite Anodes

pdf1  2.3.3 Platinised Titanium Anodes