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The business is considering a move away from Orderwise. Whilst this process could take 12-18 months, we are in the extremely early stages of identifying alternatives. Orderwise (as with most systems) do a lot of the day-to-day basic functions.

The purpose of this form is to try a build a picture of 'What it does well?' and 'What it doesn't do well?' We'd like to gather the feedback from all users on areas where your job or the company could see improvements or efficiencies if a new ERP system could do X, Y or Z (this would be classed as Negative feedback (2 selections available) - please be as detailed as you can here.

On the positive feedback, this could include basic functions that are required to do your job that you need ‘in any system’, or things that you find ‘easy and efficient’. We've added a dropdown for Positive feedback (2 selections available), you can be brief on these points in your summary.

It's important you select the Module you are referring to and the department you work in prior to writing out any thoughts you have, you have the option to fill out 2 positive or negative options per each form, however if you want to discuss multiple options then just revisit the form and submit a 2nd or 3rd entry.


Orderwise - Positive and Negatives ?

Negative Feedback

Positive Feedback